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How Can We Pack Faster Than Most People?

Contrary to popular belief, packing is not something that all people can simply do. It is a skill, and as with any skill you can improve it, or be bad at it. And while most people think that all you have to do is put stuff into boxes, and call it a day, this is not the case at all.

See, you feel emotionally attached to most items that you are going to pack. You may reminisce about the times you wore that special dress, or about the day you received that special gift. All these things waste your time, and although there is nothing wrong with being sentimental, it is still quite time-consuming.

Our professional movers are trained in packing, and they know how to do everything efficiently. They are not emotionally attached to your items and something more – they know what should be packed together and what not. Through years of experience they have learned how to go through a single room quickly enough, so that packing doesn’t waste their time.

How Much Does Packing Cost?

As with all other moving costs that you are going to see with Chicago movers, packing is usually priced by the hour. In certain situations we may provide a clear price for packing your entire house, but that is usually done after a quote.

Understandably, the price can vary a lot based not only on the size of your home, but also how many items need to be packed and moved. If different pieces of furniture need to be disassembled in order to be moved, our professionals can do that as well, so you won’t have to worry about such things.

However, keep in mind that we advise all of our clients to go through their items and throw out everything they don’t want packed or moved. Our movers are not there to judge what is trash and what isn’t, so they will go through and pack everything in a given room.

Who Takes Care Of The Packing Supplies?

As a company, we from Richmond Moving Boxes have access to all kinds of high quality packing materials. They are provided absolutely for free. Along with them we also use durable plastic boxes that are made specifically for moving. That way we keep your items safe and we can go through the packing process much faster, as we know how big our boxes are and how things within them should be packed.

Please note that you can also provide your own packing supplies if that is your wish, but it is not required at all and since we don’t charge for the use of our own supplies, you will be paying more that way.

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Contrary to popular belief, packing is not something that all people can simply do.

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We from Richmond Moving Boxes are a company dedicated to provide the highest quality moving supplies, and mainly – boxes. Our plastic boxes are famous for their extremely sturdiness as well as easy stackability. They are very easy to carry around and if you know what you are doing when you are packing them up, you can have an extremely easy time with your move.