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Local Moving

What Is Local Moving?

Imagine that your lease is about to end and you are looking for a better deal and a new apartment. What do you do? You go around town and you see different places. Maybe you can afford some of them, maybe not. But all of a sudden you notice a new flat and you just know it’s the right one. Awesome! But now what? Well, you have to move in, don’t you?

This is what local moving is all about – we are professional Chicago movers who can transport your stuff from your old apartment to your new one. Not only that, but our services include a variety of perks that you can learn more about in the lines below.

How Much Does Local Moving Cost?

Depending on different factors, the price of every move can vary a lot. With the most common kinds of move you can expect very reasonable prices, but it all depends on variables that will be addressed when you request a free moving quote.

For local moves, Chicago movers usually charge by the hour. Two capable guys will come to your place and take care of your stuff. Depending on how much time it takes them, that is how much you’d have to pay. But don’t think they will slack around! Instead they work as efficiently as possible so that they can go to another job. Not all jobs are hourly, so they are motivated to wrap up things as quickly as possible. Not to mention that a well-handled move also brings in good tips.

So while we cannot give you a precise number on how much your particular move is going to cost, it won’t be as high as a long distance move or a complete residential relocation.

What Is Included In The Service?

As a moving company we like to provide our clients with different sort of perks and additions to our services. While moving is great, we also like to help our customers by offering them the option of packing their entire home for them, so they don’t need to waste time they don’t have to do just that.

See, most people are not efficient at packing at all. At best they can cram things into boxes, and at worst they can turn the entire packing process into a disaster. If you want to avoid all that you can simply request a cheap packing service and our movers will take care of the rest. We also provide our own high quality moving boxes absolutely for free, so that your items are kept safe and sound in our containers.

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Commercial Moves

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About us

We from Richmond Moving Boxes are a company dedicated to provide the highest quality moving supplies, and mainly – boxes. Our plastic boxes are famous for their extremely sturdiness as well as easy stackability. They are very easy to carry around and if you know what you are doing when you are packing them up, you can have an extremely easy time with your move.