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If you ever think of moving, you are definitely going to face one question – which season should you pick? While often you don’t have a choice and you are forced out of your home by a certain date, sometimes you can have the pick – and it is then when it is vitally crucial which date you pick. That may determine the price, mover availability and overall convenience.

Today we are going to look at the pros and cons of moving during each season – because the truth is that there isn’t a truly best season to move, as it all depends on what you want to achieve. There are many moving companies Chicago, which can give you a hand throughout the year, so let’s dive in straight into the subject


We are starting with arguably the worst season for moving – at least according to most people. This depends on where you live and where you are moving to, so keep that in mind. If you are in Florida and you are moving there, the winter probably won’t bother you. You hardly see it there.

However, there is something great about winter – you don’t have to rush in and book movers months in advance. That is because they usually have free spots, even on weekends. Sure, maybe not all weekends are free, but you can still be slotted in the month you like.


A lot of people like to move during the fall, because it isn’t as warm and there is the notion that not many people move then. But this is not always true. Fall is when university starts for a lot of people so moving then may be a bit overwhelming – again depending on your situation.

However, fall is also quite rainy, which is something you have to consider. We cannot predict weather and if you don’t want to move during such time, it is understandable.


Depending on who you ask this is likely the season that most people prefer for moving. Supposedly, they think it is less busy than summer, while also being less hot and with plenty of sunshine. This is all great, but spring allergies are a thing. Plus you may think that a lot of movers will be free, but so think many other people. Which means what? Busy movers!


While most people love to move during the summer, because of the weather, you have to plan a summer move long in advance. If you want to have a reputable moving company to help you with your move, it is absolutely necessary that you schedule the relocation in advance – quite some time at that.

But that’s not the only bad thing about summer. Not everyone enjoys excessive temperatures, and although summer is the best time for northern states, this is not necessarily true for places like California. We don’t recommend summer moves for such hot places.

But whichever season you pick, we wish you to have a safe move and enjoy your relocation as much as possible!


The Four Aspects of Moving

If you are wondering what all the things that come with relocation are, you have come to the right place. Here we will tell you where you need to keep your attention, if you want your move to be as worry-free as possible.

Before we dive into the different aspects, here is something important. Everything can be made easier if you are willing to shell out some money and hire reputable Chicago movers to give you a hand with your relocation needs. However, this is not always necessary, especially if you want to save some cash.


A good move starts by organizing everything well. If you are not properly prepared, you will not have a good experience. During this phase you should go through your items and figure out what to throw out. Maybe give something away or gift it to a friend. In our homes we have way too many items, most of which we never use. Get rid of those.

Also make sure you note which pieces of furniture can be properly disassembled and which cannot. If some of them cannot be, then you will need to figure out a way to move them without hurting yourself, someone else, the place you are leaving or the furniture thereof.


After you have organized everything, there comes the time for packing. This is arguably the most important phase of all, because it is extremely underrated. Not all people know how to pack properly. Actually, most don’t and that likely includes you.

Go out of your way to learn a little bit more about packing. The different practices are going to be useful every time you have to move and they will save you a lot of trouble down the road. Plus, you will end up needing way fewer boxes than usual.


If you only have to load boxes, the practice is extremely simple – heavy boxes at the bottom of the truck, light boxes at the top. That’s how you stack them. But things can get quite difficult if we have to incorporate moving furniture that can’t be disassembled.

For that case you’d likely need a truck and at that point you can’t have a go at moving completely on your own. You’d need professionals and they will also take care of moving the furniture around. So at least that’s something you don’t have to worry about.


This is arguably the easiest phase of all. Because it simply takes everything you have to your new place. Depending on your situation you have either hired movers to transport everything for you, or you have rented a small truck and loaded it yourself.

We can go on telling you to drive carefully and mind your surroundings, but that is something you already know. So from here on out we are wishing you to have a safe move and don’t forget to do your research – always.

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